Iason – Day 6

Iason – Day 6 150 150 Culturistan

Can you deal with life emotionally?
Or get by with living rationally?

Towards which will your life keel?

Accelerated tech-reinforced soporifics in San Francisco, Dubai, Hong Kong?
Or liminal living in the Cairos and Tehrans of the mind?

Middle class عادی وگوسفندی in post-crisis Athens?
Or down-and-out in 21st century Paris and London?

A life of updated OS’s, mental breakdowns, unfree Medicare, extreme processing and uplevelling?
A life of anxious positionings in the face of the seeping inevitability of technological domination over human will?
Succumbing to the belief that walls must be erected, exoplanets colonized, Antipodean boltholes secured?
While scrambling for meaning among cultures once rejected, once repressing, now severed-from?

Or will it be a life of regimented unpredictability rooted in traditions, however deficient?
And a human will unsubjugated to politically correct behaviours?

Eat, Pray, Love for the delusional and privileged
Human agency extolled for its capacity to self-actualize rather than socially mobilize.

Diverted inwardly