Class I Special Guest: Jul

Class I Special Guest: Jul 1000 1500 Culturistan

With his substantial experience in social and political parody, and fifteen years of press drawing for the biggest French newspapers, Jul is something of an exception in the world of satirical comic books. Having been brought up on Monty Python and the Marx Brothers as well as René Goscinny and “Hara-Kiri,” Jul is at a crossroads of diverse influences.

Inaugural Class Announcement

Inaugural Class Announcement 502 502 Culturistan

The inaugural session of Culturistan will be held at the Château de Grillemont in France from May 22nd to June 1st, 2019. The eight residents selected for Class I of the program are visionary individuals who are committed to creating positive social change through their work, and represent different professional fields and nationalities.

Class I Location & Dates Announced

Class I Location & Dates Announced 1042 695 Culturistan

Culturistan is happy to announce more details about our first residency program. Class I, “What Does It Mean To Be Authentic?“, will be held from May 22nd to June 1st at the beautiful Château de Grillemont in France. The list of our first residents will be announced soon.

Class I: What Does It Mean To Be Authentic?

Class I: What Does It Mean To Be Authentic? 1000 1000 Culturistan

We are excited to announce the topic that our first class of residents will be exploring together: Authenticity.

What makes something truly authentic? What is the role that it plays in our lives and vocations? How do we ensure that our work remains authentic as we grow as creators? Our residents will examine these questions and many others as they explore a topic that is crucial to the creative process and the work we bring into the world.