Culturistan Classes

Culturistan Classes are designed to be small but diverse — approximately six residents from varied professions, cultural backgrounds, and nationalities — ensuring an experience that is both intimate and expansive.

Each class focuses on a central question, which residents explore together in depth over the course of their session. These questions are chosen to address issues that are relevant to the creative and impact-focused work of residents and to spark a dialogue that leads to new avenues of thought, unexpected perspectives, and inspiring connections.

Class I: What Does It Mean To Be Authentic? 1000 1000 Culturistan

Class I: What Does It Mean To Be Authentic?

We are excited to announce the topic that our first class of residents will be exploring together: Authenticity.

What makes something truly authentic? What is the role that it plays in our lives and vocations? How do we ensure that our work remains authentic as we grow as creators? Our residents will examine these questions and many others as they explore a topic that is crucial to the creative process and the work we bring into the world.