Frequently Asked Questions

How can I apply to become a resident?

We do not accept applications. Residents are nominated by previous residents and by our founding team.

What’s the output of each residency class?

Culturistan is a process-oriented experience. Each resident records their reflections at the end of each day, in any format they choose (including text, photos, videos, audio, music, etc.). These notes will be published on Culturistan’s for the public to see and follow.

How do you pick the questions for each class?

At the end of each session, the residents for that class mutually decide on the topic for the next class, based on what grew out of their own conversation. This creates a natural evolution of dialogue across classes.

What is Culturistan’s connection to the Kiarostami Foundation?

The Kiarostami Foundation was created to preserve the legacy and work of the late Abbas Kiarostami, and to support projects fostering cross-cultural appreciation and understanding. Culturistan is an initiative of the Kiarostami Foundation, created with the mission of connecting individuals across the globe who are committed to the positive social and cultural impact of their work.