Estephania – Check-out

Estephania – Check-out 150 150 Culturistan

New roads

I arrived without any expectation of what I would find in these 10 days.

I learned so much from myself and I made the most amazing inside journey.

I met incredible people and I feel that we have established a connection of absolute love and mutual acceptance of who we are.

My feeling today is: FREEDOM

Freedom to be who we are without having to wear any masks.
Freedom to hear and talk
Freedom to feel
Freedom to be
Freedom to do
Freedom to rediscover
Freedom to share
Freedom to change
Freedom to breathe
Freedom to have time
Freedom to have space

10 days ago I thought that authenticity is the inner truth and today I have the complete certainty that it is so.

My act of pure authenticity was to re-operate this house, to give life to what is inside and outside it, to see it with transparency and to let it express without any expectation other than that of the BEING.

This is my inner truth.

My authenticity.

“I stay home today
and won´t open my door to anyone
but my mind´s door is wide open

They come and go as they please
disagreeable Friends,
incompatible acquaintances”

– Abbas Kiarostami