Estephania – Day 2

Estephania – Day 2 150 150 Culturistan

The uncomfortable

I get up thinking about how incredible the mind is and how it generates these great stories about the future particularly, about circumstances that have not happened and that we imagine how they will be. Normally my mind generates tragic scenes. Scenarios almost like in a horror movie. My deepest fears.

I continue to see every corner and find more details. Details that begin to give me flavors, colors, smells. Many times they are not pleasant to experience or even to know that they are there.

“Although I had been writing against public flogging ever since it began, I wanted to watch it. I might go back to my typewriter and condemn it, but I did not want to miss the spectacle. This was an unpleasant Discovery to make about myself. A sorrowful, angry disgust with myself and the country l lived in thus became a future of my life”

Sand and Foam by Kahlil Gibran

But the mind is also capable of complicating a single detail to its fullest expression. So I must look at the detail to find answers or should I go to the essentials?

To find the essence you have to go to the detail but to see the detail you also need to know the essence.

As Desmond Tutu says in No Future Without Forgiveness this third way of life:

“was consistent with a central feature of the African Weltanschauung- what we know in our languages as Ubuntu… It speaks of the very essence of being human.”

The idea is to search for simplicity. For the essence…