Estephania – Day 3

Estephania – Day 3 150 150 Culturistan

The strategy

Today I left behind the fear and concerns of the things I didn´t want to find, because at the time I faced them, that big monster that my imagination had created, faded. Instead, it became something more human, more tangible, more kind.

That kindness is surrounded by a sense that everything that surrounds us is subjective and depends on the different angles.
And, since time is also subjective, these angles become momentary and not definitive. A step to the right, a step to the left or a step a little bit forward changes that perspective from the one I had a few seconds ago.

Looking for the path we need to find a strategy to move is sometimes a conscious strategy but many others it is an unconscious one. The important thing is the fact of looking for a path. Is this honest? At least it is valid to try to handle the cards that you have in your hand in the best possible way to find the path for yourself.

“When we judge something to be bad or good, better or worse than something else, we are taking it as an example to aim at or to avoid. If we really couldn’t form opinions of this sort, we´d have no framework of comparison for our own policy. We couldn’t profit by others insights or mistakes. Without judgments about our own actions.” Trying out one´s new sword by Mary Midgley.