Estephania – Day 5

Estephania – Day 5 150 150 Culturistan

The shadows

I begin to open the windows and these incredible rays start to enter filling the space with a very particular warm color. These rays reach almost all corners and objects of each of the rooms but also leave space for some shadowy corners to form.
The shadows I see have different shapes and sizes depending on how close to the light they are. There are some shadows that comfort but there are others that become monstrous figures that I do not want to look at.

However, I have left far behind and now I am learning how to live with my shadows. I feel the need for their presence. I feel that without them there would be no place of refuge to go to. I feel that these monstrous figures are part of my incredible imagination and when you see them up close they lack frivolity, instead, they are kind and invite me to sit down with them and get to know them as they really are.
We do not know many times what the impact of light or a shadow will be, but each one is created for a reason.

“…Be life
In all its complicated splendor”

– Shadow by Denise Vargas