Estephania – Day 8

Estephania – Day 8 150 150 Culturistan


I am grateful that the guests I have chosen make me feel confident. I can tell they will take care of the space, and everything inside it, as much as they can.

We have modified some organization of the objects, we have closed some windows and opened others, we have reorganized some rooms but the most important thing is that the essence is always and always will be the one that I feel comfortable with.

There are some places that I show some but not others, there are some objects that I share with some but not with others and there are spaces that only belong to me.

The important thing is to be living an experience.

To experience a new moment, a moment in which all the foundations, the history, the scars, and the patches come together to inhabit this space that we live right now. A moment of pure authenticity, of pure reality.

“…She would no longer walk her way, but fly.”

– Growing Blind by Rainer Maria Rilke