Estephania – Day 9

Estephania – Day 9 150 150 Culturistan

The ability to communicate

Photo by Iason Athanasiadis

We share the same reality but different truths.

As a fundamental part of the growth of this house, it is necessary to share a dialogue that is nurtured through hearing and speaking. Each one shares his truth through these two instruments and precisely because of this it is so important to express ourselves with the correct words and to have the ability to hear. Dialogue opens up a world of possibilities, differences, and opinions that come from the personal history of each one and from their way of living and experiencing the world.

Different opinions show me other ways that I can decide to take or not to take, but the important thing is to know the infinite number of possibilities and paths that are available to each of us.

In our conversations we understand that there is nothing black and white but there is a very interesting palette of colors.

As Ahmad Kiarostami quoted one of his friends, “Opinions change facts more than facts change opinions.”