Gelareh – Day 7

Gelareh – Day 7 150 150 Culturistan

Measuring the greed in our goals

“For once on the face of the earth,
let’s not speak in any language;
let’s stop for one second,
and not move our arms so much..”

– Pablo Neruda

How nice it was to open today with one of my favorite poems. The excerpt mentioned above is what I constantly repeat to myself, a reminder to just stand still when I’m too absorbed, impatiently looking for answers. As the various interpretations came in, I gained more perspective.

“Maybe we don’t walk in each other’s shoes but we can walk alongside each other” Fayaz added. We can take the time to understand each other without having to completely place ourselves in the other person’s world. There is much life we miss and not absorb when all we know is where we want to go. How many times have I deliberately chosen to listen?

“victories with no survivors..” Iason mentioned in the poem. How easy it can be to forget the effects of our gains. Not to say all our wins have repercussions, but it’s being conscious of knowing what we effect as to reach our goals. The ignorance of loved ones, of our land environment. When was the last time it was measured?

With technology creeping up quite quickly, it scares me with how I can keep up. Machinesarecreatingart, when we haven’t even yet fully fathomed how it all began. Art always held a strong purpose, and the artist even more alongside its process, with its extreme practice of the craft. Originalworksbecame scarce, in sound, color, structure, paintings…etc. When did we decide in our evolution of higher learning to let go of purpose; to be ok with a quick experience no matter its source? I am not against machines, AI or listening to cover songs as long as you are not forging my experience. Be honest with me, and allow me to decide what experience I would prefer. There will always be replicated, and just like Beltracchi’s work (where barely any difference can be noticed with the originals)a one on one experience with Picasso is offered, but without the honesty, therefore you cannot deny that the emotional connection will be altered no matter the perfection of the work.