Gelareh – Day 9

Gelareh – Day 9 150 150 Culturistan

An Ode to Foundarion

This morning feels different. It seems harder to go for a run, an energy pulls me back to our castle. As our time comes to a close, this sense of concern rises, of not spending enough time examining our miraculous castle. I’m reminded of that early poem, the one I laughed at, the hurry and wait one, the chocolates that were running out. Had I tasted each one fully? As I stand staring at the constant beauty that surrounds me every morning then did it matter if not all my chocolates were enjoyed to it’s fullest? My runs every morning, the silence that comes with separation was part of this experience of living at the Grillemont Castle. When again will I run in such peace? The sadness settles in as every moment, every colour becomes more dense, more saturated.

Our readings were back in the same room where we started 10 days ago, where we first felt nervous, surprised, and said hello. Where we accepted our stories will not have Heroes. Where 10days felt like a lifetime knowing the amount of work that was going to pile up. And now we sit again, as friends this time where we can argue and have emotions, wherein our deep internal layers we know no matter what happens someone will listen and be connected. It’s ok to just be.

I don’t remember the last time I was given that space to just be. To be told, please take time and enjoy life, I’m here to support you to have this enjoyment. That my internal struggles will be heard without interruption through readings of all sorts. Yes so much can be done better throughout this residency, “to up the game” but how unique and valuable to be told to be still. I know I needed this. To stand still, and not move my arms too much amongst nature pure without replicates of bird sounds and painted colours for the purpose of intensity. That slowing down was the purpose for once.

Technology, AI will always be separate conversations that I will need more time to study. But in the meantime I will enjoy the little things, the one on one moments, looking into each other’s eyes, our human mistakes, listening without comment, being upset, lying on the grass, watching clouds, no standardization….

Authentic serendipity (as one friend put it) ;p