Iason – Day 2

Iason – Day 2 150 150 Culturistan

A musician striving to express an idea without his foreign origins ringing a false-note accent
Milan Kundera’s dying father, finding it all oh-so-strange.

A dancer performing in a stadium before an audience of 10.000, but nary a person to connect with
The celebrated father’s son, paying forward to reap future crops, dividends-to-be.

A victimized Iraqi rewarding the small-minded around her with gushing torrents of love, from the far side of evolved consciousness.
A photographer, fresh from a tribal migration, whose blueprint for survival is social embedding – and Mujahedin dinners.

The Iranian in Latin America who, embargoed by his passport, earns 72-hour tranches of freedom by becoming a pilot.
A long sojourn in Algeria, and an encounter in Oran’s student protests with a baby-faced Ahmad Batebi, in a pre-sentiment of a turbulent future.

Stabs at individuality struggling against the era’s homogenizing artificiality.