Iason – Day 3

Iason – Day 3 150 150 Culturistan

I’m not in a position to tell you how to drink your soup, said the Colombian
I will eat the Marco Polo sheep, the honorary Tajik decided
I don’t want to offend the local code of hospitality
After all, dead is dead, and the living must take care of the living

I’m triggered by your idea that Honesty is Truth
The offensiveness of dictating your self-perception, and buttressing it with the threat of personal offense
The idea that you can be – in that fragile space of trust between us – whatever your self-image dictates
And rather than being allowed to interpret, I be obliged to accept,

But you can’t be what you’re not. Much as you may want it
Strive hard, to be what you ‘seek’
All the rest is Eat, Pray, Love and aspirational self-help.