Yasmeen – Day 8

Yasmeen – Day 8 150 150 Culturistan

Today we read a number of articles about the replication, imitation, or creation of art including “Growing Blind” by Rilke, where Ahmad prompted the group to ask how we show up in spaces. We also spoke about how art reproduction may or may not ruin the way we experience spaces. My personal reaction is that yes, it does ruin the experience because often there is a visceral feeling in time and space that an artist brings to a piece of art that is generally missing if we experience a replica. More to the point, there is a difference between being told something is a replica verse holding back the truth about replicas or lying outright.

Outside of the readings, I had some other reflections about day 8 of Culturistan. Oftentimes when I find myself in the middle of nowhere on a retreat or in the mountains, it is because I am intentionally attempting to relax, nourish myself, and turn towards my inner world.

It hit me that I’ve never quite experienced something like what we’ve been experiencing over the last 8 days; the juxtaposition between the serene environment setting and the daily requirements of the often volatile discussions and real-time improvisation with diverse colleagues.