An Opportunity to Reflect, Engage, and Connect

Culturistan is a space to connect with other creators and thinkers whose work is making an impact on the world around us. It is a place to step beyond our normal routines to explore new ways of thinking and to reflect on the essential questions of our time, leading to a richer engagement with the world around us and transforming what we bring to it.

Our Mission

At Culturistan we believe that dialogue is where true learning begins. Meaningful exchanges with others whose experiences are different from our own widens our understanding, invigorates our thinking, and profoundly enriches our work.

A Culturistan residency is a chance to see with new eyes. It is a place to share your own story and to engage deeply with the experiences of others, to learn to truly listen as well as to ask deeper questions. It is a chance to reignite your curiosity and refresh your worldview with peers who share your passions and values. Over the course of two weeks, you and other residents will engage deeply on a given topic, stepping beyond your habitual perspectives and ultimately bringing new energy to your thinking and your work.

Class I: What Does It Mean To Be Authentic?

Our Class I residents will reflect on this question in the Spring of 2019 at Château de Grillemont, France.

Class I

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“In order to be universal, you have to be rooted in your own culture.”

Abbas Kiarostami

A Kiarostami Foundation Initiative

Culturistan is an initiative of the Kiarostami Foundation. The Kiarostami Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, based in California, United States of America.

News & Updates

Class I: What Does It Mean To Be Authentic?

Class I: What Does It Mean To Be Authentic? 1000 1000 Culturistan

We are excited to announce the topic that our first class of residents will be exploring together: Authenticity.

What makes something truly authentic? What is the role that it plays in our lives and vocations? How do we ensure that our work remains authentic as we grow as creators? Our residents will examine these questions and many others as they explore a topic that is crucial to the creative process and the work we bring into the world.